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Brain Injuries in Georgia

Brain/Head/TBIs in Georgia

What is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI?)

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), each day on average 153 American die from injuries from traumatic brain injury. In 2013 there were about 2.8 million TBI-related emergency department visits.

Over half of all reported traumatic brain injuries stem from automobile accidents. A traumatic brain injury can occur as a result of any force that fractures or penetrates the skull; areas which are susceptible during an auto accident or a fall.

Trauma to the brain can happen during an automobile accident when the skull hits an object such as a windshield or steering wheel.  The skull may not necessarily need to have been fractured and there may not need to be an open wound for a traumatic brain injury to occur.  In brain injuries the force of the accident can cause the brain to strike against the internal hard bone of the skull. The reason why this happens is because of physics - when a moving head comes to a quick stop, the brain continues moving, striking the interior of the skull. This can cause a contusion (bruising of the brain) and hemorrhage (brain bleeding) which may or may not be visible at the time of injury.

Blunt trauma is another type of head injury that is more serious that can occur when a moving head strikes a stationary object like the windshield, where the head is impacted to the point to cause an open wound. These open wounds can be sustained from a variety of sources such as occupant ejection or roof crush in a car accident.  

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The sections below are here to help educate in more depth brain and head injuries for accident victims in Georgia.

Understanding Brain Injuries

  • What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?
  • What are the effects of TBI?
  • What are the causes of TBI
  • Definitions related to TBI

Symptoms of TBI

  • Glascow Coma Scale
  • Ranchos Los Amigos Scale
  • Mild TBI Symptoms
  • Severe TBI Symptoms
  • Diagnosis

Treatments for TBI

  • Initial Treatment
  • Rehabilitative Center Treatment
  • Acute Treatment
  • Surgical Treatment
  • Supportive Care Concerns
  • Recovery

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