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Liability in a Four-Way Stop Accident

Four-way stops are littered throughout Georgia towns and cities.  It can be confusing for drivers to know when to proceed when traffic is stopped from four directions and there is no traffic light to tell drivers when to proceed through the intersection. This situation is ripe for creating a car accident.

Four-way stops also involve traffic circles, which may be confusing for drivers.

Right of Way in a Four-Way Stop

The first driver to arrive at a four-way stop has the right of way. This means that they may pass through the intersection first. This is commonly known as the "first to arrive, first to proceed" rule. When two or more vehicles are at the stop and it is indeterminable who arrived first, the driver furthest to the right has the right of way.

Right of way laws in Georgia extend beyond the four-way stop. In Georgia, motorists must yield to the following:

  • Pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Emergency vehicles 
  • Postal vehicles entering traffic after stopped
  • Buses entering traffic after stopped
  • Trains at crossings
  • Highway maintenance vehicle in construction zones

As a general safety r ule, motorists should always yield in situations where failing to yield might cause an accident.

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