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How to Get Your Car Accident Police Report

Accident victims in Georgia frequently ask me how they can get a copy of their police report after a car crash. In Georgia depending on where the accident occurred you can obtain a report in at least three separate ways:

  • You can go in person to the law enforcement agency that generated the police report. This requires a trip to the police station or records department.

  • You can go to the website www.BuyCrash.com to obtain a digital copy of the police report. The current cost is $11.00 and many Georgia police agencies and the Georgia DOT have partnered with www.BuyCrash.com. You will need the following information to get the police report:

    • Last name of Involved Party;

    • Date of the Accident; and

    • One of the Following:

      • Vehicle Identification Number of one of the involved vehicles;

      • Report Number; or

      • Driver’s License Number of Involved Party

  • You may also send a written request for the report via an open records request to the authoring police agency. HERE is a sample open records request to the Georgia Department of Public Safety requesting all reports and other documents related to a Georgia motor vehicle accident including the police report.


After a car accident it is normal to feel a bit shaken up and nervous. Even for minor collisions, it is important to at least have a record that the accident happened. As a local Atlanta Georgia car accident attorney I always advise my clients that filing a police report is very important. Often, the police report is the only accurate piece of evidence that reflects the accident. It may also potentially help you resolve your property damage claim or personal injury claim against the at fault driver and their insurance company. If a police report is not filed, then there could be an argument later down the road that the accident did not happen or that it happened in a different way.

Four things you should know about filing a police report:

  1. File an accident report no matter how small or minor the collision: It is still in your best interests to file a police report even if the accident seems to be minor. Most modern vehicles are designed to absorb impacts and while the physical property damage may appear to be minor on the surface, physical injuries and pain may not manifest for hours or days after a collision due to the impact on your body.

  2. Always be honest with the police: Responding officers do their best to access the scene, talk to all parties involved and witnesses, and make sure everyone is okay or if they may need immediate medical assistance. Lying, fabricating, or exaggerating the circumstances of the accident will not do you any good.

  3. Get the contact information of the responding police officer who filed your report: If you are able, then get the contact information for the officer. This is important because the officer may remember specific details about the accident that could assist you in your potential legal matter later.

  4. Amend the police report if necessary: After you get a copy of the police report and have reviewed it, if you have any additional information to add or feel a need to correct any information, then you need to contact the reporting agency and file an amendment or correction. Police officers can make honest mistakes such as the intersection, road conditions, time of day, etc. It is best to correct that information as soon after the incident as possible as opposed to months later because memories tend to fade over time.


I never charge a fee unless we get a settlement or verdict in your case. If you or a loved one has been injured and looking for an Atlanta Georgia car accident attorney, please contact me today for a free case evaluation or call me at 404-610-4429. I realize that accidents can cause serious injuries that can affect every single aspect of your life. If you are the victim of an accident, I want to be your champion.