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Many families rely on daycare centers or preschools to care for their children while they are working. As of 2017 it was estimated that over 1.5 million children under the age of 11 live in Georgia, many of which are enrolled in daycare. Daycare can be scary for many parents – entrusting strangers to keep their children safe and give them a high quality level of care.

Fortunately, most childcare centers are well managed, responsible, and have caring people in charge who want and do provide proper care for the children they watch. Yet, some fall short, which can result in abuse and injuries to the children under their care. Some estimates are that 30,000 children a year are treated in emergency rooms because of injuries received at a daycare center or while under a babysitter’s care.

Discovering Your Child Has Been Neglected, Abused, or Mistreated

What may not be readily apparent to most is that when dealing with daycare center neglect or abuse the children who are victimized are often too young to tell their parents about what happened. Often daycare centers choose not to tell parents about accidents. These daycare centers likely fear legal liability or parent’s removing their children because of the center’s negligence. Due to language limitations of young children it can be hard for parents to know what exactly has happened or how their children were abused or injured. News of abuse or neglect can be devastating for parents who have trusted a daycare provider to look after and teach their children.

Signs of Daycare Abuse

If you think your child has been hurt, physically abused, or emotionally abused at their daycare center, then there are signs to look for which include cuts and bruises, fear about going to the daycare, changes in personality, withdrawal, unexplained pain, and anxiety.

If you notice any of these symptoms then ask the daycare for a possible explanations – after all, some minor injuries such as getting a scrape from falling on a playground are normal for children and can stem from normal child behavior. However, if the explanations don’t make sense then don’t take all of them at face value.

You should also be aware of the signs of sexual abuse, which include stained underwear, trouble walking or sitting, bruises or bleeding in the genital area, and repetitive rocking or sucking.

Choosing the Right Daycare Center

There are some things parents can look for before choosing a daycare to make sure they are choosing a high caliber and safe center. One of the best signs of a good daycare is good recommendations from other neighbors, parents, and friends. The center should accept unscheduled visits. It should be clean and sanitary with plenty of space, as accidents can occur in cramped spaces. The facility should have a place to play outside, and should maintain a license. If you see a low number of staff, a dirty facility, or an expired license, those could be signs of a low quality daycare center. You can also research the daycare, their license, and any derogatory marks at the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Lastly, if the daycare is not insured then they will need to have that clearly posted or inform you that they are uninsured.

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney If Your Child Was Hurt at Daycare

If your child was hurt at a preschool, after school center, or daycare, then you may be entitled to compensation for your child’s injuries. A daycare center owes the children it cares for a high duty of care. The daycare center or preschool could be held liable if it fails to provide the children with a high duty of care, and a child is injured as a result.

Childcare centers aren’t always liable for all accidents that occur. If a child suffered a normal accident, such as a fall, and broke a bone, the daycare center isn’t necessarily responsible. Still, if the fall occurred because a teacher chose to negligently left a spill or left the children unsupervised the center could be held liable.

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